Craft in Business Management

Course Description

This is a two-year course that is concerned with the application of Business Management Principles, solving financial and business-related problems, including concepts of environmental dynamism and its influences o business activities.

Course Topics

The craft certificate in Business Management is packaged in two modules namely:


  1. Communication skills
  2. Life skills
  3. Information and Communication skills
  4. Entrepreneurship 
  5. Fundamentals of management and environment
  6. Business Calculations and Statistics
  7. Commerce
  8. Financial Accounting.


  1. Office organization
  2. Sales and marketing
  3. Economics
  4. Business finance
  5. Business law
  6. Human and public relations
  7. Business plans
  8. Research methods

Career Opportunities

A graduate of this course will be able to work as either salaried or self-employed in the area of administration, marketing, human relations, research and many more.

Entry Requirements

Passed Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with an average grade of D plain and must have attained a minimum of grade D in mathematics and English.